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The Toddler Room - Craft & Art Ideas for Little Hands and Imaginations

Autumn is Almost Here!
It's Time for
Autumn Crafts

**Some crafts require Hot Glue and other potentially dangerous items - please ensure appropriate supervision when crafting with your toddler!**

With the help of our imagination and mother nature’s tools, fall crafts for kids can be a thrifty and enjoyable family activity. Here are a few frugal fall craft ideas for kids that are fun and easy to put together!

Before starting an art project using leaves, acorns and other objects found in nature, go to the library and take out some books on trees and their different leaf types.   Make your Fall crafts more than just crafting and use this as an opportunity to teach your children about trees, seasons and even the weather!  We like to also focus on Harvest Time!

Plan a nature hunt as a fun Fall activity to search for craft supplies found in nature!

Leaf Mobile:

Kids can make a leaf mobile with the help of fallen leaves, an old clothes hanger and string. Cut the string into different lengths and attach to the clothes hanger. Then attach the leaves onto the string and there is the leaf mobile.

Leaf Rubbings:

Have the child place a leaf under a piece of paper, and rub the paper with crayon, and the leaf shape will appear.

Leaf Collage:

Go outside and collect all sorts of different leaves and glue them onto a piece of paper so that they are overlapping. This beautiful nature collage will brighten any fridge door. Add twigs and acorns too!

Pinecone Bird Feeder:

Larger pinecones can be rolled in peanut butter or suet and then rolled in birdseed Hang your natural bird feeder in the Fall and Winter for the birds when they need energy food.

Leaf Bracelet:

Wrap a piece of masking tape backwards (Sticky side up) around your child's wrist, let them collect leaves or rose petals to stick to their bracelet.

Autumn Place Mat:

Cut contact paper into two equal lengths, let the kids gather leaves, flowers and small twigs. Remove the backing from one side of the contact paper and place the leaves and such on the sticky side. Cover with the remaining piece of contact paper, press and cut to size.




bulletQuick Tip

Read to your Toddler every night. Allow your Toddler to stop the story for questions, observations and explanations!









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