Healthy Foods for The Growing Toddler
It Starts with a Rainbow!

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Toddler Nutrition Information

Coming Soon!

More indepth Toddler Nutrition information!


Please note:  It is important that you ensure your Toddler is sitting upright when eating any and all foods.  Do not let your Toddler run around while eating any food!  Pay close attention to size of the foods that you offer your Toddler and be cautious of any foods you feel might pose a choking hazard for your Toddler.  For example, there are some Toddlers that may be able to eat grapes cut into pieces while other Toddlers might not.  Only you know your Toddler and his/her abilities to handle different foods of differing sizes and proportions!





bulletQuick Tip

Package up a Fast Food meal in a paper bag that your Toddler has decorated.






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