Free Valentine’s Day Toddler Arts & Craft Ideas

valentine's day crafts

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Craft & Art Ideas for Little Hands and Big Imaginations

**Some crafts may require Hot Glue and other potentially dangerous items – please ensure appropriate supervision when crafting with your toddler!**

Candy Heart Frame
What you need:

Wooden frame or Heavy Cardboard to cut your own frame.
Pink, red, white paint
Candy conversation hearts
Tacky glue or hot glue
Varnish (optional)

What you do: Paint the frame with the paint(s). Your child may opt for using one colour or using all three colours.  Remember, this project is the creation of your child so let him decide the colour scheme!

When the paint has dried completely (time will vary depending on the type of frame you have chosen to
use) glue the conversation hearts to the frame. (Close supervision is a must if using a hot glue gun!) Run the glue along the edges of the frame and then let your child cover the entire frame with candy hearts.

Let the frame dry completely, and then, if desired, spray the entire frame with a couple of coats of varnish to help seal and protect it.

Handprint Valentines
What you need:

Red construction paper
Pink construction paper
Large to medium sized white paper doily
Red paint or white paint
Paper plate

What you do:
Glue the doily to a piece of red construction paper – you may opt to create a large red heart from the sheet of red construction paper or simply leave the paper in its original sheet state. Next, cut out a heart slightly smaller than the white doily using the pink construction paper. (See tip below.)

Pour red paint onto a paper plate. Have your child press his hand into the red paint and then make a
handprint onto the pink heart. You also may trace your child’s hand with a marker and let her color the
heart in. Glue the finished heart onto the white doily, then help your child write a message on the paper.

Tip: Fold your paper in half and cut out half of the heart on the fold. If you do this, your heart will be a
perfect shape.

Valentine Animals
What you need:

Red, white, pink or purple construction paper
Red and/or white paper plates
Heart shaped stickers(optional)
Fabric to cut into heart shapes( optional)
Yarn, buttons or other trims; (optional)

What you do: Cut out lots of hearts in different sizes from the construction paper. Give your child a piece of construction paper and show him how to make animals using the hearts.

For example, one big heart for the body, one medium heart for the head and many smaller hearts for the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands and feet. Once dry, let him use markers or crayons and add more details to his animals. Let him be creative and come up with all sorts of strange animals.

Hanging Hearts
What you need:

Red, white, pink or purple construction paper
Red and pink pipe cleaners
Ribbon scraps
Thread or Yarn

Cut out lots of hearts in different sizes from the construction paper. Take a red and a pink pipe cleaner and twist them around each other from top to bottom. When done, form it into the shape of a heart or tie through the cut-out paper hearts. Tie different pieces of ribbon to the heart so they hang down. Attach a piece of thread to the top for hanging. Let your child make lots of these hearts and tie them to a wooden dowel or a small tree branch to make a heart mobile.

Valentine’s Day: “Thumb-body” Loves You Bouquet
What you need:

Pink and white or red construction paper.
Red paint or white paint dependant on the colour “scheme” you choose
Popsicle/craft sticks
an empty, clean juice can
Clay or playdough
Tissue paper
Picture of child

What you do: Cut various shaped hearts from white and pink construction paper. Using red paint (or white paint) decorate the hearts with children’s thumbprints.
Set hearts aside to dry.

On a 4 by 8 inch paper write out (or print on the computer) “Thumb-body Loves You”. Tape the paper to an empty 12-oz. can.
Glue a painted heart to the can, then glue the remaining hearts to Popsicle sticks. Cut picture in heart shape a little smaller than the one on can, and glue inside of it.
Press a small amount of
clay into the bottom of the can. Then tuck a small amount of red tissue into the can, and then insert the sticks through the paper and into the clay

Valentine Wreath
What you need:

Paper Plates (the more stiff type or Styrofoam kind are preferable)
Various red and pink fabrics for hearts.
Various red, white and pink ribbons for bows and streamers.

What you do: Trace around a dinner plate on cardboard then trace again inside this circle about 1″ from outer edge.
Cut out a dozen 4″ high hearts from various pretty fabrics or coloured paper.
Use pinking shears for this project if using material to create patterned edges
Cut out a dozen 5″ high hearts from various pretty fabrics or coloured paper.
Glue hearts at random on wreath leaving about 3″ or so bare at the top centre.
Hearts should overlap. Try to have each side different, not exactly the same placement of hearts.

Cut 10 – 12 various ribbons about 40″ long. Tie ribbons in a large bow and glue to the top of your
wreath in the bare spot.
Adjust ribbons to hang in front, down the back and around the hearts. Trim ribbons so they do not hang longer than the wreath.

Hanging Hearts Mobile
What you need:

Red, white, pink and/or purple construction paper
White glue
Length of long wide string, ribbon, or yarn or construction paper

You will need to cut out AT LEAST the following:

2 very large hearts
2 large hearts
2 medium hearts
2 small hearts

There are many ways to combine the hearts for whatever look you like. You may want to cut out a variety of sizes and glue them together for a layered look.
At the very minimum though, take each of the heart pairs and glue them back to back with the string/yarn in between. Leave a space between each pair on the string/yarn.
Then you can decorate each pair of hearts any way you like. Glue on several layers of many different size hearts. Decorate with bits of ribbon or candy hearts.
Hang from the ceiling or on a wall. If you want to give this as a gift, wrap a few candy kisses or conversation hearts in plastic wrap and tie them to the bottom of the string/yarn.

Tissue Paper Valentines
What you need:

Red, white, pink or purple construction paper
White glue
Crayons or colored pens
Squares of tissue paper
A pencil

What you do: Cut or rip the tissue paper into small squares.
Draw a large heart shape on your piece of construction paper. Cut it out if you want.

Pour a small amount of glue onto a plastic lid or piece of newspaper. Crinkle one of the squares of tissue paper. Dip an end of the tissue paper into the glue, then press it down on the construction paper.  Repeat this until you have your heart completely decorated. You can work in rows, using different colored tissue paper, or just place the tissue on any way you want.