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What does “It starts with a Rainbow” mean?

I like to think that healthy eating is as simple as feeding your Toddler a Rainbow every day!

Think of the colors of the rainbow and then think of the vegetables and fruits that match those colors!

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Granted, it will be very hard to feed your Toddler “blues” and “purples” every day however, the general idea of following the rainbow should be helpful.

bullet Red – Apples, Cherries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Red Potatoes, Tomatoes

bullet Orange – Oranges, Peaches, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots

bullet Yellow – Bananas, Summer Squash, Wax Beans, Pears

bullet Green – Avocado, Green Beans, Zucchini, Mango, Papaya

bullet Blue – Blueberries

bullet Purple – Grapes, Eggplant

On this website, you will find toddler recipes sure to please your budding foodie.

Healthy, nutritious, wholesome and easy ways to prepare yummy toddler recipes, meals and even toddler snack foods are found within this site.

This website is devoted to feeding toddlers and growing them to love fresh and wholesome foods!

What is a Toddler?

I think it is important to define what a Toddler is and what ages are reflected in this website.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a Toddler as:

One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.

A size of clothing for children between the ages of about one and three years.

I like to define a toddler as:

A child who is between the age of 12 months and 48 months old (1 year and 4 years old)

A truly amazing tiny person who loves to eat <xyz> food one day and then refuses and spits out said <xyz> food the very next day

One who requires a lot of clean laundry, tidying-up after, and lots of attention, constant amusement and stimulation – afterall toddlers are like sponges during these years and it is important to nourish their minds as well as their bodies!

One who is methodical and focused in his or her attempts at launching a spoonful of mashed potatoes as easily as a robotic arm assembles a car!

One who’s innocence and wonder inspires us to do better with the abundance of love to share with all;

One who is unconditional in giving, and delightful in receiving that love, along with showering hugs, kisses and smiles to those around him or her; a true joy and a true blessing to treasure