Free Easter & St. Patricks Day Toddler Arts & Craft Ideas

St. PAtrick's Day & Easter toddler crafts

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**Some crafts may require Hot Glue and other potentially dangerous items – ensure appropriate supervision when crafting with your toddler!**


Our kids love to do crafts and we have been making some St. Patrick’s Day Coloring/Craft things for them to do.  We thought we’d share with our visitors.  We put this “activity” book together for our kids.  We couldn’t find a nice selection of coloring pages so we gathered some images and also made our own with Photoshop.  Enjoy! Click here for the full pdf file.

A Few Things we will be doing for St. Patrick’s Day:

Colored Noodle Rainbow

Dye various noodle shapes the colours of the rainbow (We love to use the “wheel” shaped pastas) Glue colored noodles onto heavy paper or cardboard in a rainbow pattern

To dye noodles:

Mix 2 tblsp of rubbing alcohol and 3-4 squirts of food coloring in a lidded plastic container.

Add noodles, close lid and shake until coated

Dry on cookie sheets lined with tin foil


Color and Cut out the Pot then color and color and cut out the coins.  Glue coins “in”, on, over the Pot.


Color and cut out the coins from the pdf

Add names, letters, and/or numbers to the coins to use for games.

Glue picture of your child onto center of large coin or have the child draw his/her own face on the coin.

Please visit to get free paper doll and other paper toys!  Colored coins are also available!  Amazing paper creations for do with your kids

Draw the Leprechaun Face

Draw eyes, nose, ears and mouth on the blank Leprechaun from the pdf; add a beard too!  Or, use glue and colored noodles or other baubles to make the face!


Cut out Shamrocks from the pdf and then

Glue green tissue paper onto them, glue green dyed noodles onto them, color them, and add names, letters and/or numbers to use for games.


(Secular) All shapes & patterns created by us with Adobe Photoshop brushes, custom shape tools and fonts 

** Please note**  These files are set to print on 8.5 x 14 (legal paper) – To print on 8.5 x 11 paper, select “Fit to Printer Margins” in your Acrobat Print window in the “Page Handling” area **

Click for the files:

2 Blank Easter Eggs

Easter Chicks and Words

Easter Bunnies

Easter Baskets

Easter Eggs


Dying Real Eggs

Talk about the colours you are using.  What happens when the colours are mixed?  Use a white crayon to draw patterns on the egg – what happens when the eggs are dunked into the dye, watch the white crayon pattern emerge.

Paper Blank Egg Patterns or Hopping Bunny

Write names of friends and family, letters and/or numbers on the pattern, then colour and cut them out (colouring not necessary – colour the names, letters and/or numbers instead).

Arrange the eggs or bunnies in numerical/alphabetical order, play bingo, write simple Dolch words on the eggs or bunnies; use the patterns for easy tracing/cutting exercises, the possibilities are endless! (Use the patterned eggs for cutting/tracing practice also!)

Coloring & Tissue Paper  

Use paints, crayons, markers to colour the pages.  Glue torn bits of colored tissue paper to the pictures – mix glue with water to dilute and then use a paintbrush and the glue to paint over tissue paper bits.  Using glue like this is great for small kids and also dries very nicely!  Our kids LOVE to paint with glue instead of using glue sticks or glue squeeze bottles.

String/Yarn  Glue colored yarn/string to the egg patterns to decorate the eggs.

Egg or Bunny Mobiles  

Color the egg and/or bunny (page 15) patterns then cut the eggs out, punch a hole in the top of the eggs and thread colored yarn through the hole and knot one end.

Decorate a paper towel roll tube with paint or tissue paper and other items.  Punch the same number of holes into tube as there are eggs/bunnies.  Thread the yarn with the egg/bunny on the end through the hole in the tube and knot – repeat until all eggs are threaded and hanging from the decorated roll.  (or enlarge the Easter words pattern and hang the eggs/bunnies from there)

Bunny Holding Blank Egg Pattern

Color the bunny and the egg – glue a picture of your toddler onto the egg and give to Mom or Dad and Grandparents, Aunts etc or have your toddler draw a self-portrait in the egg.